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Green Products Company processes thousands of tons of corncobs, and we operate a fleet of 40 semi tractor-trailers. Green Pet Products Inc. is a separate division that specializes in pet bedding and bird litter products.

The "corncobs" icon will show a list of the many applications for corncob particles - you'll be surprised at the variety of uses. Much of what we know about corncobs, and most of what you may want to know, can be found there. If you still have questions, contact us with as much specificity as possible and we will get right back to you.

Green Products' trucks are impressive - all late model Kenworth tractors and distinctive trailers. You'll see them mostly in the upper-Midwest and they are operated by true professionals. We are always looking for quality drivers to expand our operation.

We will be responsive to any inquiry you have about Green Products Company. Thanks for stopping by!



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